Advice on Penalty Infringement Notices

Penalty Infringement Notices (“PINs”) can be issued by the Government for a range of
matters. Milne Legal can advise you about a range of PINs, including PINs issued by the Department of Environment and Science pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld) for, for example, a breach of an environmental authority condition (for example involving nuisance, odour, or fire risk) or causing environmental harm, or PINs issued in relation to vegetation interference or heritage matters.

If you or your company is issued a PIN, the PIN will set out that you must pay the fine imposed or elect to have the matter heard by the Court within 28 days of receiving the PIN. If you elect to have the matter heard by the Court, the relevant Court will usually be the Magistrates Court.

Milne Legal can represent you in the Magistrates Court. If the fine is not paid, and no Court election is made within 28 days, the matter will be referred to the State  Penalties Enforcement Registry for debt management.

Please contact us if you have received a PIN, or expect to receive a PIN and would like advice about it.

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